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Skilled Defense of Trucking Companies and Their Insurers

Trucking litigation and insurance defense is a hyper-niche area of law that requires specialized knowledge that most other law firms do not have. The lawyers at DunbarMonroe, PLLC have over 85 years of combined experience in representing individuals, corporate clients, and their insurance carriers in trucking litigation. Whether you need representation in defense of tort claims, contract claims or freight claims, our attorneys can assist you. In 2023, DunbarMonroe has the only board-certified Trucking Accident Law attorney in the State of Mississippi

At DunbarMonroe, PLLC, we know the trucking business, not only from the standpoint of its integral role in our economy but also from the vantage point of the business of shipping freight and the relationship between federal and state law. Our trucking defense attorneys regularly follow the work of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to keep abreast of the changing requirements our clients must meet. Attorneys at DunbarMonroe, PLLC, have litigated cases ranging from catastrophic losses and accidents to comparatively smaller property damage claims.

Helping You Overcome Unique Challenges After an Accident

Experience and expertise are the keys to success when defending trucking companies and their insurers in trucking accident litigation, insurance coverage disputes, freight claims and environmental claims. Truck accidents present unique issues not necessarily associated with a typical motor vehicle accident.

Those differences include:

  • Greater likelihood of serious injuries or deaths
  • Prejudice against truck drivers and trucking companies
  • Negligent hiring and supervision claims
  • Negligent maintenance claims
  • Overlapping insurance coverage disputes
  • Government regulation

Our transportation lawyers understand that timely responses and effective liability assessments are also important when handling truck accidents. DunbarMonroe, PLLC, offers its clients emergency response capability and will travel to the scene of any accident to properly document critical evidence.

Moving Swiftly to Protect Your Interests

DunbarMonroe, PLLC, recognizes the importance of fast reaction to trucking accidents. This is particularly important in catastrophic accidents where death or serious injury has occurred. We are pleased to provide our current clients, as well as prospective clients whom we have not previously represented, the ability to quickly and appropriately respond to accidents throughout the state of Mississippi on a 24 hour, seven-day-a-week basis. Please contact David C. Dunbar or Clark Monroe for more information about this service.

Hiring defense counsel early can be beneficial for a number of reasons. It allows for the preservation of evidence with an eye toward preparing the defense, gathering of witness statements, coordination with an accident reconstructionist and other experts to timely evaluate the scene and the cause of the accident and may allow for the protection of sensitive information under the “work product” privilege in some instances.

If a complete emergency response is not required, DunbarMonroe, PLLC, routinely coordinates with its clients early in the claims process. Many times defense counsel can be indispensable for providing initial advice and direction to in-house or third-party adjustors regarding the proper steps to preserve certain evidence or investigate a claim. Many catastrophic cases reach litigation months or years after the accident. Unfortunately, defense counsel routinely finds that critical information is missing, lost or destroyed. DunbarMonroe, PLLC, helps its clients ensure facts critical to their defense are available when litigation is filed.

Benefit From Our Engagement in the Industry

All of our trucking defense attorneys have special training and experience with the nuances of the trucking and transportation industry and are active members of related organizations such as:

For further information about our trucking litigation practice, please contact us online or over the phone at 601-898-2073 today.