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Defense strategies for insurers hit with trucking accident claims

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2023 | Insurance Law

An accident involving a tractor-trailer can have severe consequences. As a result, many motorists involved in the collision may seek compensation for injuries or damage to their personal vehicle. However, insurers representing trucking companies have a responsibility to point out when it is not reasonable for that company to pay compensation.

Here are some defense strategies for insurance companies hit with a trucking accident claim in Mississippi.

The other motorist did not file in time

One of the first things for insurance companies to look at when they receive a claim is when the accident took place. Most states have a time limit on how long motorists have to seek compensation for an accident, and once this limit passes, the defense is pretty cut and dry.

There is not enough evidence

Many accidents need a witness or photographic evidence to help prove who was at fault for a collision. It can be easy for people to assume that the larger vehicle is the vehicle at fault for the accident. However, if there is insufficient evidence of this, it may be a reason not to proceed with the insurance claim.

The other motorist had some wrongdoing

In many accidents, both drivers contribute to a collision. Discovering the wrongdoings of the other motorist can help the insurance company lower the amount of compensation the trucking company owes, if not dismiss the claim completely.

Knowing how to defend and dismiss trucking accident claims enables insurance companies to seek fair treatment for trucking enterprises.