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How to keep a retail floor space safe for customers in winter

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2023 | Restaurant and Retail Claims

In 2020, the National Safety Council reported over 6.8 million people received emergency care due to falls. Some of these people likely fell while in a retail store during the winter.

Snow, ice and wet conditions can create hazardous situations for customers and employees in these spaces. Keeping your shop floor safe during the winter months helps prevent slip and fall accidents.

Clear snow and ice regularly

Regular snow and ice removal must be a focus. Before your shop opens, shovel snow from the sidewalks and parking areas, and apply ice melt or sand to prevent slipping. Consider a snow removal service for larger areas.

Maintain adequate lighting

Proper lighting is essential for visibility. Ensure all outdoor and indoor lighting is in good working condition. Well-lit areas help customers and employees navigate safely, especially during those long, dark winter nights.

Use slip-resistant mats

Place slip-resistant mats both inside and outside entrances. These mats can help absorb moisture from wet shoes and provide a textured surface that reduces slipping.

Monitor and manage wet floors

It is easy for customers and employees to track in moisture during winter. Assign staff to keep an eye on wet areas and promptly mop up any spills or puddles. Use caution signs when floors are wet to alert customers.

Designate snow-free zones

Create areas where customers and employees can safely remove snow from their shoes or boots. Provide convenient and secure places for umbrellas and wet coats, so dripping water doesn’t spread throughout the store.

Train staff

Educate your staff about winter safety. They should be aware of safety procedures, know how to respond to wet floor reports and understand the importance of keeping walkways clear.

Provide adequate signage

Use clear, visible signs to communicate safety guidelines to customers and employees. Warn of slippery floors, wet conditions and any areas that require caution.

Maintaining a safe retail shop floor during the winter months requires vigilance, preparedness and a proactive approach. By implementing these safety measures, you can create a secure shopping environment for your customers and provide your employees with a safe and comfortable workplace.