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3 common restaurant litigation claims

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2023 | Restaurant and Retail Claims

Owning a restaurant or chain of restaurants comes with daily challenges and pressure. With the massive amount of foot traffic, it increases the chances of dealing with a liability claim.

While many of these lawsuits seem frivolous and often get dismissed, others come with more severity that requires the right defense. Three of the most common reasons people sue restaurants include:

1. Slip, trip, and fall incidents

Regardless of the industry, slips, trips, and falls lead to millions of hospital visits every year. For restaurant owners, an injury inside or outside the restaurant may provide the injured person with legal grounds to sue. Inside the restaurant, a spill not cleaned up or uneven surfaces may lead to a fall. Outside, poorly lit walkways and parking lots increase the chances of an incident.

2. Foodborne illnesses

In the hospitality industry, safety takes the top rank of concerns. Bad food will quickly take down a restaurant. That only worsens if the food leads to a foodborne illness. With so many safety recalls of produce and other products, it creates additional challenges for restaurant owners in ensuring fresh, clean, and safe food gets served.

3. Alcohol-induced altercations

Any establishment that sells alcohol faces a range of potential issues. If an overserved patron starts a fight, the victim may not only sue the aggressor but also the restaurant.

While restaurant owners would like to focus on providing the best food and service around, they also need to take steps to avoid a liability lawsuit.