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Clark Monroe co-authors article for DRI on commercial insurance regulation

| Sep 21, 2022 | Firm News

Clark Monroe has recently co-authored an article for the Defense Research Institute’s The Brief Case, addressing the in’s and out’s of state filings when the MCS-90 is not applicable. The MCS-90 is an endorsement for motor carrier policies of insurance for public liability. The public policy behind the requirement is to ensure that motor carriers have the financial means to pay via a surety like obligation undertaken by the insurer arising out of the alleged negligence in the motor carrier’s operation or maintenance of its motor vehicles. This endorsement will apply when coverage may not be available otherwise. While many are aware of the federal component of the MCS-90, not many are aware of the state filing endorsements that operate in the same manner and create the same type of insurer liability.

Clark, along with co-author Jennifer Eubanks, the Director of Legal Claims at Canal Insurance Company, address some of the various differences regarding state-specific filings across the country. The article addresses, among other states, Mississippi’s unique regulations regarding minimum insurance requirements. Check out the article entitled “State Filings – the Intrastate Complement to the MCS-90” for a full breakdown and analysis of a complicated and often-overlooked set of commercial insurance regulations. E-mail Clark at [email protected] for a copy of the full article.

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