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Common types of construction litigation claims

On Behalf of | May 6, 2023 | Construction Litigation

Construction litigation is a complex legal area that can be challenging to navigate for construction companies and contractors. When faced with construction claims, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the legal process and the ability to defend against allegations effectively.

By understanding these types of claims, construction companies and contractors can take steps to prevent disputes and mitigate risks, ultimately protecting their reputation and financial stability.

Construction defects

One of the most common types of construction litigation claims is construction defects. These claims can arise from issues such as faulty design, poor workmanship or the use of defective materials. Construction defects can result in significant damage to the property and can lead to costly repairs. Defending against defect claims requires a thorough understanding of the construction process and the ability to assess the cause and extent of the alleged defect.

Delay claims

Another common type of construction litigation claim is a delay claim. These claims can arise from construction projects taking longer than anticipated, resulting in financial losses for the owner. Contractors may defend against delay claims by demonstrating that the delay was beyond their control, such as weather conditions or unforeseeable circumstances.

Breach of contract

Breach of contract claims can arise when one party fails to fulfill their contractual obligations. In construction, these claims often relate to the quality of the work performed, adherence to the construction schedule or payment issues. To defend against breach of contract claims, contractors may need to provide evidence that they fulfilled their contractual obligations or that factors beyond their control caused the breach.

Contractors must take steps to prevent these types of claims from arising, such as implementing quality control measures, adhering to construction schedules and ensuring clear and detailed contracts. If you are facing litigation, it is crucial to research Mississippi law to build a proper defense.